Health Insurance Agent – How to Choose a Good One

Health Insurance Agent – How to Choose a Good One

When planning to get health insurance, it is important to choose a good health insurance agent. While many people are insured through programs offered by their employers, there are still many others without these employer-sponsored plans. And these people need a good agent to make sure that the benefits sufficiently cover routine care, emergencies and catastrophic illnesses and at the most cost effective price.

Basically, there are two types of cover:
– Managed Care will typically limit your options to doctors on your specific health care plan and might also limit options to one particular hospital, clinic or physicians’ group.
– Indemnity Coverage allows you to choose your own doctors and medical facilities.

When selecting insurance policies, lowest cost does not necessarily mean the best provider. You want to make sure that your needs are met.

So, when choosing an agent, be certain that he or she is committed to understanding your needs. The agent should be able to explain the sometimes complex benefits to which you will be entitled, including cost of office visits, deductible that you need to pay before the coverage kicks in, prescription drug options and coverage of pre-existing conditions.

The health insurance agent is an essential part of the shopping process. These agents draw from a wide pool of resources and help clients find an insurance plan that best fits their needs. Work with an agent to find a personalized and customizable plan. These agents are trained to help consumers obtain the right health insurance coverage.

Whether a person wants comprehensive benefits for preventive care services or just needs catastrophic coverage in case of an emergency, an agent can recommend the right plan.

When choosing the agent, make sure this person is able to explain the Outline of Coverage and Exclusions and Liabilities which is part of every health insurance policy.

By Michael Williams

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