Home Business Tips – Mastermind Group, 4 Tips to Getting Started (Yes You Can Do It)

Home Business Tips – Mastermind Group, 4 Tips to Getting Started (Yes You Can Do It)

The idea of the mastermind is a great one and I am sure when you look back you will be very happy you decided to adopt the principle in your life. A mastermind group can assist you in more quickly and easily finding solutions to your challenges. Once you have found the right group for you here are 4 tips that will assist you in making your mastermind group successful for you.

1. You must make a commitment to your mastermind group, it is important that all members show up as often as possible. Now of course there will be times where schedules will conflict but this must not be the norm. Your commitment to being there will demonstrate you are trustworthy and that you value the time and energy of your group. You want this group to be your long term support, not just a casual relationship.

2. Be sure to follow an agenda, there are many books out there that will provide some specific examples of the agenda for your group. My personal favorite is “The Power of Focus” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and es Hewitt. You will want to keep the conversation flowing while still remaining on track. Sitting around talking about the weather or other idle chit chat would be a waste of your precious time. In the book there are a couple of suggestion you may wish to start with. I personally like “What is your greatest challenge at this time?”

3. Be creative, when it comes to your mastermind team there is no sitting on the fence with your ideas. When other team members ask for input ideas be sure to share what ever comes to mind. You do not have to have all of the answers but your idea or solution may spark just that creative conversation that is needed to come up with a number of viable options to a situation.

4. The size of the mastermind group matters. Once you decide what you wish to get out of the group that will dictate the size of the group you chose. I have been a part of both large and small groups and both have their pros and cons. I prefer the smaller groups because there is more time available for each individual in the group. I find that I am not necessarily very good at listening to the solutions for the challenges other are facing and applying them to my own business. Although I am getting better at it, again thanks to my mastermind group.

By Michael Williams

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