Home Mortgage Types To Consider

Home Mortgage Types To Consider

If you are searching for loans so you can purchase your new home, you may feel overwhelmed with the direction you should take. There are many choices to consider and many ways to qualify for a mortgage.

There are three more popular types of loans to consider; adjustable rate, FHA, and Non-Traditional.

Adjustable rate mortgage, or ARM is a loan for homes. The interest rates can change on these loans over time, which will either raise or lower your monthly payments. The bank will notify you if a change is necessary. There are a few factors to consider before you decide on an ARM. Your income should be steady but if you are expecting a change in your income you may need to consider that when you decide how you are going to pay back your loan. Another factor to consider is how many large loans do you already have out or anticipate taking out while paying on your loan? You need to plan on owning your home for a very long time. Do not buy a home and obligate yourself to paying on a home if you do not plan to stay there too long.

There are pros and cons to an ARM. The pros include lower interest rates at the beginning and over time, it may not cost as much if the rates stay steady or even decrease. The cons include the chance that the rates may go up and monthly payments may increase.

Federal Housing Administration loans, or FHA, are geared more toward first-time home buyers because the loan application and approval process may seem overwhelming to them. The paperwork for FHA loans is not as complicated. These loans are insured by the FHA, which means better deals for homeowners. Consider an FHA loan if you find an existing single family home, a condominium unit, a manufactured home on a permanent foundation, or a one to four family home.

The pros of a FHA loan include low initial down payment, usually only three percent down is all that is required, easy to determine eligibility, closing costs are much lower, and there is a less chance of foreclosure. The con to FHA financing is that not everyone will qualify.

A Non-traditional mortgage is geared toward those who struggle for loans through financial institutions. These types of loans have certain risks that need to be considered before you apply.

The pros of a non-traditional financial lender includes the option to choose your down payment amount however, if you do not have a dependable income, this may be a problem. There are also some cons to this type of financial backing. If your loan is interest only or a negative amortization loan, you may pay little to nothing down on your principal. Homeowners need to watch out for interest rates to increase and if the housing market begins to increase or decrease, it may affect your balance.

By  John Hester

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