How an Education Based Marketing Sales Approach Allows For Effective Upselling

How an Education Based Marketing Sales Approach Allows For Effective Upselling

To be able to upsell your products and services is a great way to increase sales and more importantly profits. Yet, for many, this effective sales skill is lacking. The reason way is possibly due to the disconnect between the marketing and selling approaches.

Many salespersons are engaged in product based marketing. One way to identify these types of salespersons are because they are doing a lot of talking about their products or services; telling you about how their prices cannot be beat; and are more than happy to send you a proposal. This approach is very much problem driven.

“If you are telling, you ain’t selling.”

Now a few very smart sales professionals have embraced education based marketing within their sales approaches. When a customer has a problem, these folks look to the big picture and therefore are solution driven. By educating potential customers (a.k.a. prospects), they provide additional knowledge by educating specific to concerns unknown by the prospect.

As they share their knowledge without attempting to sell, the potential customer has the opportunity to better understand the bigger picture and in many cases will purchase the “upsold” products or services being offered through education.

In some cases, you may have to spend your hard cold cash and give something away for free to realize the full benefits of education based marketing.

Dell computers is one company who has understood the value of education based marketing. This innovative sales firm engages in upselling through education during all customer service interactions.

To be able to upsell is a great sales skill set and should be in alignment with the current marketing action plan along with customer, sales and innovation plans. Of course, effective upselling means you as a salesperson, truly know how to help your customers through educating them first and foremost.

By  Diana  Miers

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