How Do You Get Qualified Prospects to Notice Your Business?

How Do You Get Qualified Prospects to Notice Your Business?

Did you know many businesses go out of business before their best potential clients even know they exist? Those businesses run out of money, and close their doors before they even have a chance to succeed. You may think it happens because the business owner simply didn’t have enough cash to advertise, but cash and cash flow are just an excuse.

Yes, advertising costs money. And you certainly don’t want to invest real dollars in real advertising until you know you have a message that produces results in the form of the receiver of that message taking an action. The action they take must move them closer to becoming your client.

However, you can get noticed by the right people without spending any money. Sound impossible? Well it’s not.

One way you can get “free” advertising is through the use of a press release. Yes, you can pay to have someone else submit your press release for you to a number of outlets but you can also do the submission work yourself and pay nothing. The choice is yours.

There are 3 essential considerations for an effective press release. Those considerations are: placement, message, and action. Get those three considerations right and you’ll have a successful press release that gets you noticed by the right people who take the right action.

Focus on getting these three essential considerations right before you even draft your press release. Doing so will make it easier to formulate your press release. Plus it will ensure your efforts produce the desired outcome…getting noticed by the right people who take the action you want them to take.

If you don’t already know; find out what publications your ideal clients read, or what radio or TV programs they regularly tune in to. Those are the places you want your press release published or broadcast. Identify the editors of those media, and find out how to submit your press release to them.

Getting your press release in the right place will only happen if the editor perceives value for their audience in your press release. That means your press release must contain topically relevant information. Beyond that you want to include at least one of these other elements: timeliness, newsworthiness, trends, studies, relevance to that particular audience, urgency, and importance.

In order for your press release to produce results it must get the audience to take a desired action. That means you first have to evoke curiosity and desire. You must trigger enough desire to get the receiver to take an action you’ve spelled out in the press release.

Make sure you have the mechanisms in place to track your response rate from the various media placements. The actions produced are a first step in converting the right people into new clients for your business.

By Devin Mason

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