How One Ordinary Salesperson Could Get Extraordinary Sales Results

How One Ordinary Salesperson Could Get Extraordinary Sales Results

You’d be very surprised if you knew the difference between you and the top producers. If you’re an average or above average producer it isn’t as if there are huge differences between the way you do things, and the way top producers do things. Yet, those small differences in approach have a huge impact on your results.

What’s the difference between hot water and boiling water? One little degree, right? Yet that one little degree is what makes it possible to power engines.

You’re ability to achieve extraordinary results could be found in the one degree that separates you from the top producers. This one degree of separation isn’t in just one aspect of your approach. You’ll find these little degrees of improvement all over throughout your marketing and sales process.

From the first point of contact to the follow-up contacts between you and your existing clients there are opportunities. The transition from ordinary to extraordinary doesn’t come from doing more of the same thing. It comes from doing more of the right things, and doing them even better than you are now.

Pinpoint steps throughout the marketing and sales process where you’d like to improve your results. Set an improvement goal for that step. Identify how you’ll improve that step and track your results.

Rather than starting near the end of your sales process start at the first point of connection and work your way step-by-step through the entire process of moving someone from stranger to client. You’ll be amazed how a small increase in an early stage can result in a big increase in the final stage.

One of the most invigorating results of this process is the control and power you gain over your destiny. Instead of randomly trying things hoping they’ll work. You’ll know exactly what works. As you discover what works you’ll begin to understand why the things that work do work. This knowledge makes it easier to translate the ideas that work into other stages of the process and reproduce those results.

By Devin Mason

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