How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake You Can Make Building Your Business

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake You Can Make Building Your Business

When you started out as a fresh new agent you were told by the recruiter, “We’ll teach you everything you need to know”, and you believed every word. You now know this was a complete misconception on your part. However; you’re one of the elite few who succeeded through your own blood, sweat, and tears in spite of the misconceptions.

See yourself in the future enjoying the real success a few others have. You know you have what it takes to get where they are. Yet you aren’t sure how to close the gap.

How will you build a successful business? You’re intelligent enough to know if you want greatness you must look to others who can help you build the business you want. You also know from your past experience it’s easy to get caught up in what you’re doing, and completely miss the big opportunities. Those are the opportunities with the highest payoff for the least amount of effort.

When Tiger Woods plays golf he’s completely absorbed in completing each stroke. He relies on his caddy and his coach to help him see the big picture, and avoid missing those big opportunities. Tiger is continually improving how he performs even though he’s considered the greatest player in golf. How committed to continuous improvement are you?

How did you react the first time you went on a sales call with an experienced agent, and discovered the “presentation” you were trained to memorize didn’t leave his car? What did the experience tell you? How much room do you have to improve how you handle a sales conversation today? How will you develop those skills?

Remember the list of 100, and how it was going to be your answer to a solid business? How easy is it even today for you to attract good prospects? How would it impact your business if it were easy?

What do you think is the number one determinant of your future success? It’s your willingness to take action. Accepting the idea you’d be shown everything you needed to know was a misconception, what will you do to close those gaps and discover how to do the things you don’t know?

You want to build a sustainable and profitable business.

To make the business you envision a reality you’ll need to consistently, predictably, and profitably attract prospects.
You’ll need to help them make a good buying decision while starting a life-long relationship.
You’ll need to build on and extend those relationships to obtain referrals and repeat business.
You’ll need to produce results not just through your own efforts, but through the efforts of others.
You can’t allow your business to consume your life, so you need to obtain the greatest returns from your time investments.
Where do you see the most room for improvement? What will you do to make those improvements? You’ll have to invest in yourself and get the help you need to get where you want making fewer mistakes along the way. Just like thinking the recruiter would show you everything you needed to know to sell insurance was a misconception, it’s a misconception to think you can close your gaps on your own.

By Michael Williams

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