How to Be Charismatic and Cause People Take Notice of You

How to Be Charismatic and Cause People Take Notice of You

Do you live a life of quiet desperation, as Henry David Thoreau commented. He continued that these people go to their grave with their song still within them. I think it is time to start singing your song today. It is hard to be heard from the grave. So let’s get our there and be seen and heard by all who will choose to hear.

If given a choice, would you rather be a boring person or a charismatic one? For most, if not all, the obvious choice would be a charismatic person. I assume you would like to be the person others seek out to hear what they have to say on a variety of subjects.

But why is it that many of us come out as a boring person when it comes to being a leader? What is it that makes a leader charismatic? According to John Maxwell, a charismatic person hates to be boring. Such a person would rather be controversial or entertaining, or both, rather than bore people to death.

Quoting John Wesley, Maxwell narrates how Wesley explained why people are drawn to him – “Well, you see, when you set yourself on fire, people just love to come and see you burn.” Wesley knew how to arouse the interest of other people and have them notice his actions.

Now I am not suggesting you set yourself on fire. But the idea is to be noticed by others. SO what do people notice, but those things that are unusual or different. So, don’t do go what everybody else does, but do something different, if not the opposite, and people will begin to consider you as a charismatic person.

What are the secrets of being charismatic? Charismatic people are creative and confident. They say things with flair and creativity; they explain the reasons of things in an unusual but understandable way. Charismatic people have the ability to present the truth of what’s happening in an unusual way. And charismatic people have extraordinary confidence in what they are doing.

People who are charismatic exhibit these two important characteristics so people notice and pay attention to their message. Maxwell admits that as speaker and pastor, he wants to present his views in a fresh and exciting ways. He is not above using humor to emphasize his message because he knows that it is an effective way to make people remember.

Another characteristic of charismatic people is their desire to be with the winning team. This means that they want everybody affiliated with them to win as well. This is important because a winning team can produce desired results.

Each member of the winning team becomes productive as well. Charismatic people are able to strengthen their teammates by making them feel good about themselves thereby imparting to them the ability to be productive.

Become the winner, the charismatic person you desire to be. Be different and present your arguments in unusual and humorous ways.

By Nathan Dean

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