How to Book More Appointments With 1 Simple Method

How to Book More Appointments With 1 Simple Method

Are you getting leads but not getting appointments? It can be one of the most frustrating problems in real estate where your marketing efforts are paying off and you are getting leads but you aren’t getting more appointments and you aren’t getting more sales.

By nature in real estate we want to be helpful. The problem is that being helpful to people who have no intention of using us can take away time from people who can’t wait to use us and want us to be successful as well.

Years ago I perfected the method that I am about to share with you that will get you more appointments. I will warn you though that it takes practice to get it right but once you do you will find all your leads are great and your appointments will increase by 100% or more.

Book More Appointments Quickly

In order to book more appointments you have to follow what I call the “No Answer Method” and what it boils down to is this: “Never Answer Any Questions Only Ask Questions” This may be the point in the article that you would like to leave but I challenge you to stay with me on see how this can literally change your real estate career forever and how this can be the greatest real estate script that you have ever learned.

Asking Questions Let’s You Find Out Who is Serious and Who Isn’t

Have you ever had a buyer or a seller that you just got tired of and they just kept wasting your time asking questions but they never took action? When a buyer or seller asks questions they may or may not ever need your help. The best way to find out who needs help today, tomorrow, or in the future is to ask them questions. When you go to the doctor he asks you questions, lots of them, before you get to ask yours. With every single lead, even calls from your own listing, try only asking questions.

If they ask you, “what is the price?” tell them you have to look it up and then begin asking them questions. When you do this you immediately take control of the conversation and you can literally find out anything you would like about the prospect. Those who don’t answer your questions aren’t going to be great customers for you.

I always get asked “Isn’t it rude not to answer their question?” My direct answer is NO. Your time is valuable and I need you to believe that. Before you answer a single question of theirs make sure that you ask at least 3-4 questions and you have already asked them to come in to your office to meet with you. I have one of my clients who books appointments in 3 minutes or less and he never answers a single question and his clients love him big time.

So before you answer a series of questions from someone you don’t know make sure that you find out who they are and ask them to come into your office.

By John Vaughan

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