How to Create a Squeeze Page – The 5 Core Components of an Excellent Squeeze Page

How to Create a Squeeze Page – The 5 Core Components of an Excellent Squeeze Page

The sole purpose of a squeeze page or a landing page is to get your visitors to opt-in, which is to provide you with their names and emails in exchange for a free gift that you offer them (e.g. eBook, report, training videos,etc). Subscribers are our assets. That is why it is extremely important to create an excellent squeeze page that is appealing for the visitors to opt-in.

How to Create a Squeeze Page - The 5 Core Components of an Excellent Squeeze Page

  1. Attractive Headline

The first thing your visitor will read is the headline of your squeeze page. Catch their attention using a strong headline that focuses on their need. Let’s say you are in the real estate niche, your headline can be something like “Discover How I Acquire 10 Positive Cash Flow Properties in 5 Years – Little or Zero Down Payment!”

  1. Bullet Points

Under your attractive headline, briefly describe 5-6 benefits of your free gift in bullet points. The rule of thumb here is to keep it short and simple. For example, “This is what you are about to learn in this eBook:”

  • Research for the right properties
  • Buy properties below market value
  • Manage your tenants
  • Increase the market value of your property
  • Obtain infinite return on investment
  1. Image of Free Gift

So how does your free gift looks like? Make your free gift looks tempting by designing an image for your free gift so that your subscribers can know how your product “looks” like. If you’re having trouble with design like I do, I suggest you visit Freelancer to outsource your work to other experts.

  1. Video

Video can simply increase your subscription rate by another 10%. A video of you welcoming visitors to your website gives your visitors feeling that they are actually communicating with you rather than just reading your website.

  1. Opt-in Form

Opt-in form is where your visitors will key in their name, email address and other information in order to get your free gift. It is extremely important that you only ask for information that you need, typically name and email address.

Any additional information you ask will reduce the conversion rate by 50%. Another point to take note is there are two types of opt-in: single and double.

Double opt-in requires the subscriber to go to the email they use to subscribe and click on the confirmation link to complete the subscription. You are right! This tedious step is going to reduce your conversion rate.

By  Noah  Kirk

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