How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings With Competitive Ad Filtering

How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings With Competitive Ad Filtering

Most often today, when you hear people talking about optimizing for Google AdSense earnings, they talk about picking a particular niche, etc., but what happens then if you are already into a niche and you want to optimize your Google AdSense earnings even more? There is a simple solution.

How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings With Competitive Ad Filtering

The Competitive Ad Filter

The competitive ad filter is a simple tool that Google incorporated a few years back. It does what it says it does. It blacklists URLs that you simply don’t like from showing up in your ads. This can be for any apparent reasons.

An advertiser’s click through is low. Using tools like Spyfu to “spy” on an advertiser’s budget.
The site that is listed on ad makes your site “look” bad. This can be from how the ad looks, or how the advertiser’s site looks it self.
It is one of your competitors.
Either one of these reasons may quickly cause the webmaster to react, that is why Google incorporated the competitive ad filtering. A Google tutorial on how to use the competitive ad filtering system, can be found here.
Now with the ability to blacklist any of the advertiser’s site to appear on your Google AdSense listings and the power to identify an advertiser’s budget, you can somewhat help improve your AdSense earnings by simply separating MFA sites from serious competitors.

What are MFA Sites?

MFA sites or should I say “Made for AdSense” sites is another term many publishers use to distinguish serious advertisers from simply phonies who pay only a penny for a click through. Although it is rare for a MFA site to appear on a site’s listings, it is still possible. That is why blacklisting MFA sites is a great way to simply cross out sites that pay little to a penny for every click and leave only advertisers that pay plenty of pennies more, depending on your niche.

Your Objective

Your objective is to simply cross out MFA sites or any advertiser site that you don’t want to possibly appear on your AdSense listings with spying technology like Spyfu to look at an advertiser’s budget. If you have any other tool besides Spyfu that works best for you, feel free to share as well.

By John Hester

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