How To Make A Claim On Your Shop Insurance

How To Make A Claim On Your Shop Insurance

How do you make a claim on your shop insurance if a customer successfully wins a compensation claim against you? This is the question that you should research by reading your policy and having a definite plan of action should an unfortunate event occur.

When disaster strikes the loss incurred by an accident or mishap suffered by one of your customers needs to be recouped. Dig out your current shop insurance documents and read them very carefully. Before you ring your insurance broker or provider, it is wise to establish exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

The simple rule to make a successful claim on your Shop Insurance is to be honest about what has occurred. A fraudulent claim can only lead to further financial disaster, your insurance policy may in some cases be revoked and the insurance company will most certainly take you to court.

Get the basics right. Contact the insurance helpline immediately and discuss how to submit a claim. Don’t bump up the value or exaggerate your insurance claim. Even if a small part of your claim is found out to be dishonest, then the entire case can be thrown out and rejected. It’s not worth risking trying to get an extra couple of hundred pounds, only to lose thousands in the long run.

Before you contact your insurance broker to make a claim, gather the necessary information. Be precise and thorough if you want it to be successful. It is up to you to prove that your insurance claim is a valid one. Once you have claimed on your insurance, do keep in regular contact with your insurer.

Keep in touch with events; remember you are paying for customer service as well as a policy from your insurance provider.

By James Clapton

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