How to Make Your AdSense Revenue Go Through the Roof

How to Make Your AdSense Revenue Go Through the Roof

Since the inception of Google AdSense, a large number of people have been making tons of money with it and continue to do so. Google has changes some of its policies, but that simply means that the rules of the game have changed.

How to Make Your AdSense Revenue Go Through the Roof

The game is still very much there and it is still possible to make heaps of money through Google AdSense. Here are some tips to help you increase your AdSense revenue considerably.

Research High Traffic Keywords

Some rules of the game do not change. If you want high AdSense revenue, it is important that you have ads on your page that have a high cost per click price. The more a keyword is searched upon, the higher its price will be. There are a number of sites online that will give you a list of the latest high traffic keywords. Use one of these to create the theme of your website. However, unlike the past, it is now important that your website also contains relevant original keyword rich content. Pick keywords that you are knowledgeable about so that you can keep adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis.

Choose your Ad Format with Care

There were times when the banner and the skyscraper ads were amongst the most popular ad formats among web publishers. At one point, they used to generate high revenues, but now most Internet users have learnt to avoid them and have become more or less blind to them. Also, most web users consider flashy banner ads very distracting and even their popularity has dropped dramatically in the recent past. You want to avoid these ad formats if you are serious about increasing your AdSense revenue.

Choose Ad Placement with Care

One of the most common positions for banner ads used to be right at the top of the page on the leader board. As with all banner and skyscraper ads, web users have become blind to these ads. Most people expect to see an ad at the top of the page and simply ignore that section of the website. You may want to replace this position with some other positions on your web page. Consider placing the ads right in the middle of the content where the user cannot escape it. This will definitely work wonders in increasing your AdSense revenue.

Experiment with Ad Placement

There is no one right formula for ad placement that everyone can follow. In fact, when too many web masters start following the same trend, it tends to become obsolete. Try out different ad placement options on your website to identify those that bring in AdSense revenue and those that don’t. Consider checking out some other websites to find out how ads can be placed in interesting and attractive positions. But, if you find too many websites following the same format for ad placements, try looking for fresher ideas. You want to ensure that your website stands out among many others and does not end merely looking like an imitation.

By John Benson

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