How to Motivate a Poor Sales Performer

How to Motivate a Poor Sales Performer

Motivation is often the key to improving a poor sales performer. Though the term is confusing. Because we cannot motivate anyone. They do it to themselves. Encouragement and validation is the key. Inspire them to action and their own motivation will follow.

How are you Motivating them

First, you should review the kind of motivation that you give the poor performer. Do you know what is important to them. How to press their hot buttons. Once you know this your time and attention can be laser focussed on what matters for them

Do you know the Whole Story

If this poor performer is not feeling the inspiration to work anymore, maybe something is bothering him or her. If you have good rapport this should be easy to find out. If not first start building rapport with them. Often it can be a blip at home which will come and go. Letting your team member know you are there to support can make a big difference and will shorten the curve till performance improves again.

The bottom line here is that you have to know what makes this person tick. When you already capture that, you can capture what motivations drive him also.

Constructive criticism works best

When they do something good, compliment them in such a way that’s direct, friendly and sincere. Be consistent in what you say and do. Stick to the facts. Call it as you see it. Not what you think you have seen. People work best with facts not judgements of what is going on.

Encouragement is the best motivator ever. Use it in abundance and you will be amaze at your results.

By Michael Williams

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