How to Shine As a Leader

How to Shine As a Leader

Do you like to take Initiative in activities? Then surely there is a chance for you to become a good leader. Those who have courage to take the first step in a venture can also lead a group to follow him. It is said that Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute for making something impossible to possible.

If you take the examples in history, all historic leaders took the initiative where others dare to. A good leader can attain his goals individually or with the help of a group. The ability to make his followers to stand in a group will be one of the most challenging tasks for a leader.

A leader should take decisions ethically, he should only have the aim of his organization. Personalize favor must not be present in his thoughts and actions.

A leader can accomplish a task if he preaches and follows the same principles in his life. An example of such a great leader is Mahatma Gandhi. His life was the best example of his preaching.

A leader should have the ability to take responsibilities. And also he should be able to make his followers understand and follow the rules. He should also be accountable and should also have the aim of development of the organization.

A leader should be confident. He should not change his view when threatened by others.He should be confident and impart that quality to his followers also.

By   Andrew   Clapton

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