How to Stop Over Thinking Everything: 10 Simple Habits

How to Stop Over Thinking Everything: 10 Simple Habits

Do you often feel that you spend a lot of time in over thinking things?

Are you in a habit of over thinking before you make any decisions in life? Is over thinking becoming a major problem of your life? Are your family members suffering from lack of good things like owning a vehicle because you can not make up your mind on it? If you answered yes to all these questions then you must read on.

Here I have mentioned a few simple tips that would help you to get over the habit of over thinking without the need of an expert.

  1. Read: The first step you should take to deal with your problem of over thinking is to read inspirational books and novels. It would help you to learn the process of making quick decisions by learning from the experiences of other people.

Reading inspirational novels would also assist you to absorb various others ways of life that can help you. For example: You can learn how to make decisions to save some money and time like buying a laptop rather than repairing your old computer over and over again.

  1. Distract yourself: Another trick is to distract your mind. Whenever you think that you are thinking too hard about something, you should distract yourself by taking a walk, cooking, exercising or even listening to music. This is a sure a shot way to stop overthinking everything as you will have no time or concentration left to think. You can even decide to chat with a friend or family member to distract yourself. Do whatever it takes to take off your mind from over thinking.
  1. Have good company: There are some people in life who would want you to think about anything and everything. They would put doubts in your mind with regard to everything and you will have no choice but to start over thinking everything. So in order to stop overthinking everything, you should cut off from such negative minded people. You should focus on developing your relationships with such people who have a knack for making quick decisions without thinking too hard about anything. You never know maybe such people can help you overcome your habit of over thinking.
  1. Stop planning too much: If you often plan things in your mind so that everything in your life can be perfect then you are taking a wrong step. While it is good for some people to plan ahead, but for the people who have the habit of over thinking, it can be a curse. You may feel the need of changing your plans every minute or so because of your habit of over thinking. So the best course of action you need to take in order to stop overthinking everything is to make only short term plans, discuss it with a confidant and stick to it.
  1. Set realistic goals: Most of the people who have the habit of over thinking also suffer from the problem of setting unrealistic goals. If you also have this habit then you should learn the art of setting realistic goals in life. You should also appreciate your achievement of these goals by giving a treat to yourself. This way you will be more focused on achieving the realistic goals and enjoying its outcome rather than over thinking.
  1. Ask for help: Over thinkers usually never ask for help. They try to solve every problem by themselves. If you also do this then you need to stop now. You can do so by delegating your responsibilities to others so that you can have some breathing room. You should remember that you cannot control every aspect of your life no matter how hard you think about it. So asking for help is far better than doing everything by yourself and it can help you to stop overthinking everything.
  1. Focus on present: Most over thinkers also dwell in the past too much. They keep thinking that what they did in the past could have been altered. They also keep wondering what they would be doing at present if they took a different decision in the past. If you also think that then it is high time for you to get out of this habit. You should focus on making your present better by putting everything you have in it so that it can lead to a good future.
  1. Learn to forgive: Some of the over thinkers also have problems in forgiving themselves or any other person due to any mistakes done in the past. In such cases you should try to remember that life is very short. It is meant to be lived not just passed. So let go of the bad decisions and learn to forgive everyone, including yourself. If you take this step, you will feel that your heart and mind are lighter and you have started to enjoy your life.
  1. Be more confident: A good habit that would help you to stop overthinking everything is to be more confident. You should have faith in your own abilities. You should also try to learn new things so that you do not give up learning. Being self confident would help you to make quick decisions in short order and your life would be better. Having self confidence would also help you to stick to the decisions you have made in life.
  1. Pen down your feelings: Last but certainly not the least, you should try to pen down the things that are bothering you and then forget about it. Writing down your problems would also help you to find the most viable solutions for the same. You should also try to share these feelings with a loved one so that he or she can guide you towards making correct decisions in life. You must also commit to writing about the good things in your life as it would help you to remain positive which would subsequently make you a better decision maker.

By  John Hester

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