How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

While you may not know what social media is, you probably have used it. Many of your friends use it, sometimes on a daily basis. These are the websites that allow people and business to connect to each other on a social basis. Social media has been growing for years and will only continue to grow.

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

What types of sites are social media?

There are a wide variety of sites that are considered social media. What started as a way for college students to connect is now a way for people to connect with friends from long ago and now. Facebook has grown to include generations of people, classmates reconnect and friends stay connected.

Twitter allows for microblogging. This feed can include what is happening in your day, asking for advice, or telling friends where you are, if they want to join you. There is Linked in for business professionals. StumbleUpon which is social bookmarking, this allows you to share sites you like with others. The number of social network sites available is amazing and growing.

How does social networking grow my business?

People are social. Many people are busy, moving hundreds even thousands of miles is common. Social media allows people to stay close and stay in touch. While this may have started with people, businesses require people to buy. They also realized people like businesses that are friendly. Websites, businesses large and small benefit by joining in this social movement.

What does business social networking involve?

It involves the obvious thing of being social. You can share secrets, tips and coupons. There is an auto company that has videos of the sales staff being their silly selves. Customers see this video and get to see the reality and feel more comfortable with people who seem friendly and especially if they come to view them as friends. While this requires a commitment to be friendly and social, the key is to develop and grow relationships.

How do I commit to Social Media?

Some people allow their Virtual Assistants to handle social sites. Big businesses have people, even departments dedicated to internet and social sites. If you are a single person company this should be part of your routine. You check the social media outlets you choose to use, you respond to things about your business, and add comments about things that interest you or are related to your business. You could set aside 30 minutes twice a day to really grow your business.

Can you imagine sending real cards as easy as sending an email?

You can now send cards and gifts as easy as sending an email. Schedule when you want them to go out, so you can schedule once a month!

By John Hester

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