How To Win Power Smiling

How To Win Power Smiling

You looked at the title, and asked out loud, “What’s that ’bout?”
Power smiling is a friendly smile, never show teeth. It is a crack of the lips, relaxed. The gesture says approachable, conversation starter.

When at a meeting, social gathering, or simply waiting for public transportation slightly pull-back the mouth.

Meetings can get intense, take a deep breath, and pose the lips. It is possible someone else can get a second burst of energy, and discuss the new project idea with you. Add your input, which allows others to pick-up on the momentum.

When out congregating at a specific place smile. It immediately opens the door for chatting, friendships form. Information surfaces that can help your career, perhaps. Or, tips to help a friend, family member is learned.

Public transportation, sometimes, is a networking ride. A surprise might sit down next to you. Someone stuffed with knowledge on a specific job opening(s), that is relevant, just took the seat across the aisle from you. What do you do? Smile.

If you did not get a chance to converse that day, there will be another time.

Pass on tips you cannot use, or do not want to someone else. Take a second to inspire a person who needs a nudge to continue. Motivate others. Why?

On life’s route, people will fall short of their potential. Some go as far as dismissing their dream as a hobby.

Lift the light for another to see his/her way. Give back when you can. It should never be the “me, me” syndrome. It is self-satisfying to know you were able to further one to his/her goal, if only by giving an encouraging word.

Power smiling cuts through the fog of tension allowing networking to happen, friendships to start, and you can help a fellow human being too.

By John Benson

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