Improve Your Speech, Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Improve Your Speech, Improve Your Customer Service Skills

When I take a survey of customers and ask what most businesses need to do to improve their customer satisfaction through improvements made on their associate’s customer service skills at least eighty percent of the surveys will have something on them regarding the voice and speech of the customer service representative.

Customer service is all about communication.

Improve Your Speech, Improve Your Customer Service Skills

The customer service representative is the conduit through which all business transactions must be made and it is of the utmost importance that the customer can fully understand the words coming out of the representative’s mouths. When communication breaks down between customer and associate so to goes the sale. We don’t want our sale to break down and not happen, we want sales to go up and profits to expand.

There are a few simple things all customer service representatives need to do consistently in order to ensure that the customer hears and understands everything they have to say about the product they are trying to help the customer to buy. All of these are easy to start implementing into your daily customer interactions and if you do this you will see a rise in customer satisfaction.

First things first: no matter what you say, if the customer can’t hear you it is all pointless garbage. You must project your words so that the customer can hear you clearly. Keep your chin up and project your voice out to the customer as if you were an actor up on stage. Do not scream at the customer, we aren’t trying to get into a yelling match with our purchasers. We just want to make sure we aren’t speaking in a low mousy whispering voice that no one can hear or understand.

Next it is important to speak slowly. Some customer service representatives I know have a bad habit of speeding up their phrases when they are speaking. They’ll shoot off a bunch of paragraphs in two seconds and no one will know what the hell they were just talking about. Keep a slow and steady pace. Don’t slow down so much so as to insult the customer, we don’t want them to think we think they are stupid. But keep it at a moderate speed level.

Last: Do not mumble. Make sure every word you say is distinct from the previous word and the next word. Mumbling is by far the worst way to be misunderstood because it makes you look unintelligent and no one wants to look dumb.

Keep all of these little tips in mind the next time you interact with a customer and soon you will be an expert and everyone will revere your incredible customer service skills.

By  Devin    Watson

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