Influence Of Power In Leadership – How To Use Your Power Wisely

Influence Of Power In Leadership – How To Use Your Power Wisely

Leaders come in two distinct varieties – those who want total power and control over others, and those who want to use the power and influence of their position to help others reach their full potential too. If you are in the latter category and want to use your influence of power in leadership wisely, read on for three strategies that will keep you on the right path.

Tip #1: True Influence And Power Comes From Respecting Others

The best leaders realize that respecting those who are turning to them for guidance is the best way to keep their position. In a business setting, this means leaders will allow employees to act on their own initiative and handle a certain amount of decision making on their own. In a political setting it means listening to your constituents and doing what’s in their best interest.

Tip #2: True Power Comes From Sharing, Not Hording Information

Some leaders feel that in order to maintain their position, they must have full control over what information gets passed on down to those below them. Effective leaders on the other hand realize that information empowers those they are working with, and that benefits all involved. At the office, that means free flow of information to employees to encourage them to act on their own. In politics it means the people you represent should be able to access all the information they need to make the best decisions when voting time comes around.

Tip #3: Encouraging Others To Find Their Inner Leader Increases Your Influence

Some leaders wish only to rule over others. Successful leaders realize that they will further increase their power and influence if they encourage others to reach their fullest potential. In a corporate setting, this means coaching employees to become leaders themselves. This makes a business run even more efficiently and profitably. In politics this leads to a freer and more open society where the individual is valued. Those that lead people to this realization will always have influence and power themselves.

By John Benson

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