Influence Your Boss to Give You The Money and Leadership Position

Influence Your Boss to Give You The Money and Leadership Position

How do you be at the forefront in life and at work? How do you become a highly valued employee which your employer feel is indispensable? Although it appears that I am writing this from an employee’s point of view, the same rules apply across employers and employees.

By being mindful of the following tips, you will get THAT promotion and bonus. These tips are not out of the world and in fact, by applying them consistently, they save you much time and effort. This is the cheat sheet to being the star employee, the easy way!

  1. Do not drop the bombshell at the last minute

Take it from me, bosses do not like surprises. Even if it is a bad news, break it to them early so that they have time to react and can be prepared. Dropping bombshells at the last minute work against you. People get stressed, tempers flare and people act rashly. It is that ticking timebomb within all of us that gets fired up when we are stressed. So do your boss a favour and try to avoid dropping the bombshell at the last minute. There is a difference between trying to solve a problem independently and highlighting an issue early.

  1. Be the problem solver, not problem creator

Everyone loves a problem solver. Inherent in human is the lazy bug that sets in. Make things as easy as possible for your boss and they’ll love you. Imagine how much more appreciative a boss will be, knowing that someone has done the thinking for him. Now all your boss has to do is to input his additional insight and trust me, this is often well- appreciated. By doing this, you have demonstrated initiative and the right professional work ethic that all of them will love. Being a problem solver makes your work much more interesting and purposeful. Try it today!

  1. Get your “brag” sheet on REAL time

Dread the time where you have to do a appraisal with your boss? Well, instead of dreading it, you should make the full use of this opportunity. Whip out your “brag” sheet. You’ve done the job, so it is your bragging right to highlight the great works you have done. Always remember the acronym S.M.A.R.T. Be smart in your work, show a brag sheet that provides evidence of your results which are in line with your goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

As this is unorthodox and one of my favorite tip which I have used extensively, I will elaborate this in greater detail in my blog.

  1. Your Call for Action

Take control of your professional destiny. These are the rules for success at work and in life. Learn them well and they in turn, will serve you well. Cheers to unlimited success that will come your way!

By John Benson

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