Insightful Tips For Using Timeblocks

Insightful Tips For Using Timeblocks

The usage of timeblocks may prove to be quite helpful for Real Estate or property investors. They can help you manage your time effectively. This way, you can easily do your tasks because it is properly aligned with your schedule. It is also recommended to use 30 minutes or 1 hour blocks to ensure that the tasks are to be made efficiently. Here are some useful tips for using timeblocks:

First, everything needs to be shut off and ignored – phones, email, shut the door if others might interrupt you and other things that may cause you aggravation. These hindrances may be quite annoying at sometimes.

Second, use a timer to make sure you are working the full timeblock. You should not allow any interruptions while you are working with the task because if you do, it would be a shame.

Third, when working in generic areas like marketing and sales, you MUST have a list (this should be prepared ahead of time) of specific, actionable tasks you can do. DON’T spend your hour of marketing time brainstorming tasks! This is to avoid such pain in the head. This is the time to DO IT.

Lastly, getting something complete is more important than getting it perfect. Because the more you try to get it perfect, the more time you consume and it will be an interruption on your timeblock. Plus, action trumps perfection.

Start using timeblocks for your time management and they will change a lot on your business. I bet that those changes that are to be made will be good for your business.

By the time that you are using timeblocks, you will find your business more organized and neat. It is recommended that you block no more than 2 hours per day to begin. You’ll find it can actually be difficult for Real Estate or Property Investors to get 2 hours out of many days. As you get better, you can boost the number of blocked hours.

By Robert Charlson

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