Insurance Agency SEO, Page Rank, And Inbound Links For Organic Search Engine Ranking Results

Insurance Agency SEO, Page Rank, And Inbound Links For Organic Search Engine Ranking Results

Some companies think SEO is mainly about page rank and inbound links, and that improved search engine ranking results for insurance agencies take a long time. From our research, this is not the case. For most agents and brokers, dramatically improved results should typically happen within 60 to 90 days. What is meant by dramatically improved results? Insurance agency websites that are ranked page 10 or lower should see many of their top long-tail keywords result in placement on search engine page one and page two (search engine in this case can mean Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

This is not accomplished by building hundreds or thousands of inbound links, rather this is determined by very specific utilization of insurance agency on page website optimization, and external content creation.

Another misnomer pertains to page rank. At one time, page rank was one of the ultimate indicators for search engine ranking success. Today, it is merely one of the attributes to consider in the insurance agency space, and most assuredly not the most important attribute in achieving high rankings. Consequently, fear not if your agency has a page rank of zero and has less than a dozen inbound links. You can still achieve search engine page one rankings for many, most, perhaps almost all of your preferred long-tail keywords.

Lastly, let’s discuss keyword search tools. Some companies suggest that agents should do their own keyword research, perhaps using some of the free tools on the market. This can work for those with time, talent and technical acumen pertaining to SEO. There are, however, much better tools available to assess keyword efficacy. These more advanced tools are capable of tracking competitor rankings, daily or weekly changes, the snippets which are actually pulled by each search engine, which pages of an agency website are associated with the rankings and snippets, and a ranking index by keyword which shows increases and decreases by keyword and competitor. With these advanced tools, SEO becomes much less of an art, and much more of a science, to ensure top insurance agency search engine rankings for preferred long-tail keywords.

By John Benson

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