Insurance Agents – You Need to be On The Net!

Insurance Agents – You Need to be On The Net!

Marketing Insurance On The Net!

Insurance shoppers are on the net these days, and they like the convenience of finding products and services from the comfort of their home computer.

Insurance Agents - You Need to be On The Net!

Before they take the time to make an appointment with an insurance agent, many consumers feel more comfortable researching the agent through an attractive website.

Generate Referrals

A website can also make it easier to generate referrals. You can simply remind your clients about your website, and ask them to pass it on to their friends. If you offer some useful, free information on your website, you will be sure to capture attention. On line insurance quotes, insurance shopping tips, or a free email newsletter are quick and easy ways to offer visitors value, and to make them want to return to your website! A newsletter works very well because it is a great way to capture visitor’s email addresses, and get their permission to email them! Of course, every newsletter will also have sales copy inside of it.

Warm Up Leads

When you are calling leads, you are certain to contact a high percentage of people who are not quite ready to set an appointment with you. Mention some valuable information on your website and ask them if you could send the website address in an email. Even reluctant prospects are much more likely to part with an email address than to set aside time for you to visit with them. Once you’ve emailed them, you’ve turned a cold lead into a much warmer lead! And in my experience, some percentage of them will click through to the website mentioned in the email, and you will get some of them calling you back!

Remind No-Sales

Even when you sit on appointments, you do not sell them all. However, make sure you leave your website information with the no-sales. Again, you will find that your website will reinforce your visit, and some percentage of the initial no-sales will contact you again. Some prospects are visual learners, rather than audio learners, and they prefer getting a chance to read about you and your insurance agency without pressure. You will be pleasantly surprised to be able to “turn” a higher percentage of sales that you would have lost before.

Spread the Word

Promote your website with your current sales materials, like your business cards and brochures. Make sure that any free newsletters or downloaded information on your website reminds people to revisit you. Also be sure to suggest that visitors to your website pass on your free downloads to their friends, and in that way, word about your website can spread without any effort on your part!

By John Benson

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