Insurance Mailers – 11 Best Mailing Tips & Top Writing Tricks

Insurance Mailers – 11 Best Mailing Tips & Top Writing Tricks

You don’t need a copywriter to prepare your insurance mailers for action and response. Right here you will receive 11 foolproof methods implementing the best mailing tips and top writing tricks for your insurance letter or prospect postcard.

1. WRITE A LIST OF FEATURES AND BENEFITS This is the easiest way to get yourself moving. This throws out procrastination, writers block and other lame excuses that agents other than you are known for. Be determined to make this the most profitable sales mailer you haven ever written Retrieve two 3 x 5 cards.

On the first write the numbers 1 to 6 in a downwar ine format.. After each number write a prime feature about your insurance product.. Number your 2nd file card likewise. On this one write the corresponding benefit your client will receive by purchasing insurance from you. Now using a marker renumber the cards in the order from top benefit down.

2. WHY SHOULD THE READER BUY YOUR PRODUCT Get another file card and write down five emotional phrases that hit your prospect direct in the heart or stomach. Could be “greed of missing out on fantastic price”, “fear that not buying could cause financial loss”, “wants to improve self image” and hundreds similar.

3. WRITING THE AWARD WINNING HEADLINE Over 70% of profitable sales mailers result from a dazzling headline. It should always intrigue your prospect with a fresh unique benefit too good to be true. Look in the grocery store, and check out at the tabloid headlines. Again and again they jolt your emotions. In fact write down a few that really make you want to read on. Now on the 4th file card write 4 irresistible sounding headlines about your insurance plan.

4. THINK BRIEF AND TO THE POINT The most profitable sales mailers consistently are written entirely from your readers point of interest. Therefore your sales message should NEVER use your company’s logo. Leave plenty of “white space” to make it easier for your prospect to read on. Unless your intended graphic is so outstanding leave it off. Remember that when now start writing that two different type styles is the limit.

5. PUT YOUR LOOKS ON YOUR SALES MAILER Looks count heavily. If your sales message looks boring, it probably reads even more boring. Here’s your chance to make your writing teacher jump in her grave. Short sentences and even phrases rule. A set of bulleted points can rivet your reader right between his eyes inducing him to read on.

6. FORGET THE INITIAL MISTAKES You will get lost if your stop to make spelling and grammatical error corrections. Even forget about rewriting a sentence. Tell yourself you are going to reward yourself only if you get your sales mailer done within 45 minutes.

7, WRITE A P.S. At then end of your writing ALWAYS write a P.S. Even if some of your insurance mailers get tossed in the trash, chances are the headline and P.S. will have been read. This is one of the top writing tricks that is constently overlooked.

8. TREAT YOURSELF AND RELAX You do not yet have a profitable sales mailer but you will if you just set it a side for now. Ah, set it aside means until the era of a new day begins.

9. AN OPTION Print out two copies of your sales message. Have two friends take exactly five minutes to scribble any changes they think would make your piece better. Remember they are not $1,500 a letter pros, but they might give you an extra bit of sparkle you never thought of.

10. REWRITE YOUR SALES MESSAGE. You will be amazed at how weak your first attempt sounded. Add at least 3 real thunder striking adjectives to attack and fire up your prospects emotions.

11. REWRITE YOUR SALES MESSAGE AGAIN To make a profitable sales mailer even better, rewrite it again. Remember this final copy must be twice as stimulating as your original draft. That is if you want double the response. Try to remove any excess wording referring to your or the insurance company, and stick to the product benefits. This might initially sound like one of the worst comments. but it is actually one of the top insurance mailing tips.

Allow 7 to 10 days of time to develop insurance mailers that maximize respone. To achieve the ultimate in profits your sales message can achieve is your goal.. A simply way to do this is to get out the dusty monopoly set, and temporarily raid the $500 bills. After the first draft, when you print out the revised copy paper clip that $500 bill to it. Each revision receives another $500 attached to it.. When the results come in, you will see that using $500 bills were too low.

By Michael Williams

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