Insurance Marketing – Why 13 Is The Magic Number

Insurance Marketing – Why 13 Is The Magic Number

Anything worthwhile takes effort. If you want to get in shape, you have to work out consistently. If you want to learn a new skill or a different language, it takes time and repetition. Most of us can attest that real results, no matter the situation, usually don’t happen overnight.

The same is true for cultivating a new insurance client. You can’t expect that one insurance marketing piece will create a one-hit wonder experience. It can happen – but it doesn’t happen often. That’s because for most people, the buying process takes time. Moving prospects to buying readiness, especially when it comes to insurance, takes more than one interaction.

To get a person to buy from you, you must achieve top of mind awareness. Top of mind awareness simply means that when your insurance prospects have a need, when they’re ready to buy, when they think about where to go – YOU pop into their minds. They will most likely immediately think of three places to go for service, and you need show up in the top three.

The only way to hit their top three is to stay in front of them consistently, all year round. Some experts believe it takes 13 touches a year to earn top of mind awareness with prospective accounts. Touches can be achieved through a mix of marketing mediums, including phone calls, can-spam compliant e-mails, sales letters, postcards, seminars, advertisements or little league sponsorship. Of course, different audiences will garner a different marketing mix – just be sure to make contact with your insurance prospects 13 times throughout the year.

And when it comes to your existing clients, it’s no longer OK to be a show-up-for-renewal kind of insurance agent. In today’s world, people are not blindly paying insurance premiums anymore. Insurance consumers are value conscious and expect more. Many are shopping rates every year. How can you avoid becoming a commodity? Stay in front of them. If they feel like you’re providing service year-round, they’re more likely to be loyal to you.

By Nathan Dean

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