It’s More Than Just Vision

It’s More Than Just Vision

Vision and leadership – the two words go together like peanut butter and jelly. From the division to the department; from the department to the organization; and from the organization to the nation – people are looking for meaning and purpose. For leaders, when considering the path ahead, you need to ask yourself, “What would Wonka do?”

Willie Wonka, that is. His response would be, “Invention (or vision), my friend, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple.” Yes, that’s 105% – but that’s what it takes to move a great vision from concept to reality.

93% Perspiration

Sweat!? Yes, there is no substitute for hard work and, hence, it is the largest percentage of the equation. “Perspiration” encompasses the both the hard work and the personal investment a leader makes in the plan, the organization, and the people–by rolling up shirt sleeves and working along side employees towards it’s accomplishment. Momentum is gained through the collective effort of vision realization. Leaders must get in the trenches and work alongside their people in order to progress. Sweat hard!!

6% Electricity

The spark of electricity comes through the collaborative effort of all minds focusing on the end result. When a leader has shown his commitment to the cause (and team members) through perspiration, it paves the way for the free exchange of thoughts and experiences. All team members have a voice and we, as leaders, have to embrace that diversity! Not only the diversity we see but also the diversity of new thought and new ideas. That is electricity, true growth and where the goal is hit or missed! Involve the team and watch the sparks fly!

4 % Evaporation

Similar to the evaporation cycle, vision attainment takes time. Similarly, the hotter the environment, the quicker it can be achieved! Precise communications heat the environment and cause quicker evaporation (vision attainment). Communicate where you are going and what you are doing throughout the organization – each person should know how they provide value to the end result. Step up and step out, heat the environment up today!

2% Butterscotch ripple

Butterscotch ripple is fun and tasty! The path to greatness should be tasty and enjoyable too! Vision attainment is serious business and can be tedious – make the method FUN. Work should be like a game of kick ball, the vision is strategic (win the game) but the method is never confused with “work.” Studies show that employees that enjoy what they do are more productive, creative, and show greater team cohesion. Leaders should set the pace for having fun at work. Plan for and celebrate “wins” along the way to vision attainment – you will find that motivation and momentum will not wane. Make work fun and tasty!

By John Benson

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