Keeping Up With Your Investments

Keeping Up With Your Investments

If you are an insurance agent subscribing to online leads, you are losing approximately 85% of your investment. You are appalled. I can sense it. But unless you have a lead management system, it is true.

If an insurance agent subscribes to 100 leads per month at $8.00 per month. = $800 investment
If an insurance agent closes 15% of the leads that month. = $120 in leads that succeeded.
Reality is that you now have $680 in “lost investment”

In this world, online leads do not work. But wait. I know of MULTIPLE agencies that are having a huge success with online leads. Making profit. How?

1. They keep calling each lead for a minimum of 90 days

2. They keep emailing each lead for a minimum of 120 days

3. They call and email at the next renewal to connect on the business a second time.

4. They ALWAYS go for the cross sell business.

5. They call at random times in the day. Some calls are made in the afternoon, some in the am and some on weekends to reach people when they are home.

6. They respond within 5 min. of receiving the lead.

These factors will increase close ratios from 12-15% to as high as 40%. I have seen many agencies do it. It is a lot of work, but the numbers work for themselves. Use a lead management system to help you manage these leads, stay in touch with them and remarket to them over and over again. This will make your numbers soar!

By Michael Williams

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