Leadership Characteristics 

Leadership Characteristics 

Leaders hold together the foundation of teams, so the characteristics they have are very important and effective. Leaders should hold specific characteristics for the purpose of making sure the team achieves their goes and have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Leaders in teams may develop naturally, although they may also take time to develop.

Leadership Characteristics 

In all of these areas you can enhance these skills and continue to work on them. Nobody is perfect, although we all seem to be striving for perfection. Here are some characteristics I believe every leader in a group should have in order to be a good role model and exhibit great behavior.

First off, motivation. Motivation as a leader you need to be encouraging to all of the member of the team so they try their hardest and make a difference in the group. You can motivate by giving members of the team rewards, and also simply by just noticing when they do something well and telling them that. If the team member is down on themselves then pep them up. The motivation can simply be what you just even say to them. Make the members of the team believe in themselves, as well as the team of course.

Another characteristic is optimism. Be Positive, nobody wants to follow a Downer. A leader needs to be optimistic and always look on the bright side of things when it is in regards to the group and their overall performance. You can never have too much positive pep. Do not be afraid to “over do it” by reassuring the team or maybe even a certain member that they can do it!
Another characteristic that all leaders should have is organization skills. Leaders should constantly be working on being organized, it is nearly impossible to guide events and meetings when you do not have a plan of what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. To stay organized you should have the right items and materials to help you do so, like folders and a calendar.

Another characteristic of course, is honesty. Be Honest and you Trust is a two was street and you have to prove you are trust worthy to even expect that amount of trust to be given back to your team members will trust you and will feel comfortable coming to you for help and guidance.

By John Benson

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