Leadership – Develop Your Leadership Skills

Leadership – Develop Your Leadership Skills

Leadership effectiveness is often measured by the growth and performance of an organization. The flexibility of a leader to adapt their approach to fit the complexity of the situation is critical for their success. Understanding real world insights into the connection between employee behavior and bottom-line results allow you to diagnose situations and act in appropriate ways.

Proper leadership training will allow you to discover self-awareness, values and beliefs, and behaviors. Training assists in developing decision-making and social action skills so that you learn to view events and situations from a variety of perspectives. Leadership training will enhance both your personal and professional relationships.

Seven Characteristics of Successful Leaders:

oResponsibility for change – ability to change behavior to meet the situation

oTaking risks – able to step outside the box

oBelieve in and trust people – every successful individual has the buy-in and respect from other individuals

oClear values – share you values with other

oLifelong learners – continually updating and refining your knowledge

oDeal with complexity – continually challenge your brain which will improve your critical thinking skills

oVisionaries able to share their vision – ability to articulate your vision with other so they can picture it as well

Understand yourself first so that you can understand and respond to others second. If you are not aware of who you are, there is a larger barrier to understanding someone else. Knowledge is power; your personal wisdom creates power. Successful leaders have a desire and openness to change on an individual level. Leaders must understand the context of the situation and have the ability to change their behavior to match the situation. Start improving your Leadership Skills Today!

By Michael Williams

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