Looking for a Leader?

Looking for a Leader?

There is a plethora of possibilities to use when defining what a leaders is and what a leader does. Consider this series of questions applying them to yourself and to those whose lead you follow.

1. Does your organization hold that a leader is blameless, not irritable, not arrogant, hospitable, self-controlled, holding to the values, vision, and mission of the organization, and able to exhort with sound doctrine and to refute opponents?

2. Does your organization look for a leader who knows how to think soberly?

3. Do you want your leader to be visionary, future seeking?

4. Is your leader a mentor, teacher, and coach?

5. Does your leader act as a minister to the needs of others and the organization as a servant or steward?

6. Is the leader you identify a contributor to the overall good of the organization, diligent and merciful, cheerful and courageous?

If you read the above requirements in the help wanted advertisements of your local paper you might laugh exclaiming, “That position will never be filled!” Yet, everyday leaders arrive at our business thresholds and we do not recognize them because they do not hold positions of power and prestige. Yet, at work, we all know someone we trust to give accurate complete information needed to do a job, a task expert. You always stop by that one person’s desk that you know is cheerful and courteous, who brightens the day.

We seek a leader who has vision, scans the horizon seeking a view of the future before it arrives. We gravitate to the leader who greets us daily as an integral part of business, offering encouragement, suggesting ways to improve our skills. We desire a leader who acknowledges our mistakes, is merciful in admonishment, and chalks it up to experience.

By John Benson

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