Low Cost Salon Cover Needn’t Mean Skimping

Low Cost Salon Cover Needn’t Mean Skimping

Insurance is so often regarded as one of those necessary evils – we know we can’t live without it, yet invariably begrudge paying for it! The good news, therefore, is that it is possible to find low cost salon cover that doesn’t mean skimping on the level or range of risks insured.

Low Cost Salon Cover Needn't Mean Skimping

All it should take is a simple and straight forward discussion with your friendly, expert insurance intermediary to give you details of the various options available from which you can make your choice.

What’s involved?

It’s all a question of value for money, of course. As a salon owner, you’ll want to pay the least amount possible for the most extensive, reliable and most secure insurance cover available. That’s just where the insurance intermediary comes in – he or she has particular experience is discussing your own salon’s needs.

Then, making sure that you are paying enough to cover those needs, but paying for nothing more than you actually require, the insurance intermediary can find a competitively priced insurance package available from a range of providers.

What’s likely to be covered?

The key to low cost salon insurance, of course, is that each salon is different and it’s insurance requirements, therefore, correspondingly different. Nevertheless, there are a number of considerations that could prove basic to practically any salon business, two of which are:

Public liability insurance – this is likely to be at the heart of more or less any business insurance package. It protects you and your business against the manifold types of claim that can arise from members of the public, customers and clients who are injured or suffer some kind of loss or damage to their property as a result of their involvement with your salon;

Employers’ liability insurance – if you employ staff, they can also be exposed to accidents resulting in injury or even illnesses that result from their working for you. In most cases, it is possible that you will have a legal obligation to hold sufficient employers’ liability insurance to provide financial protection against such claims – this will be to the advantage of both you and your employees;

Of course, these two considerations are just the tip of the iceberg. Things like stock and equipment cover will probably be necessities too; you may need goods in transit cover; and business interruption cover; plus other elements of protection too. Low cost salon cover should give you the protection you need, so shop around and compare policy features as well as premiums, before you buy.

By  James  Clapton

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