Make More Possible With Fleet Insurance

Make More Possible With Fleet Insurance

Buying insurance is a necessity, as you can protect yourself and your valuable assets through it. If you have many vehicles and you want to protect them all, then the most sensible thing to do is to buy fleet insurance, which will protect them all using just one policy. This saves you a lot of paperwork, a lot of money and there are fewer headaches to deal with.

You do not have to fill in many forms, nor do you have to furnish proofs, copies of documents and the like and you can get the same result as an individual insurance policy by filling in just one form for all your vehicles.

Different countries have different rules regarding insurance. Fleet insurance is one that may have different rules. You may be able to purchase fleet insurance for a mixture of types of vehicles in one country. You may be able to buy insurance for your car, your truck, van and even motorcycle at one go.

Another country may segregate two wheelers from four wheelers, light vehicles from heavy ones and may insist on fleet insurance for similar type of insurance in one policy and that you consider other policies for the rest. You may have to find out the prevailing rules in your state and country when you think of purchasing insurance.

There are a lot of benefits in buying fleet insurance. You may have started a company and own just a couple of vehicles. Later on your business will flourish and you will have more vehicles. You will have more people, which means that there will be more people driving the vehicles.

Some insurance companies that provide fleet insurance will allow you to list all the people driving the vehicles who are insured, and will do a background check on them and scrutinise their records. If the records are clean and good, then you will have a smaller premium to pay. That is another benefit of having fleet insurance.

Most companies will have twenty four hour claim assistance, hazardous goods insurance, medical expenses cover, personal effects cover and other benefits.

Many people may not be aware that fleet insurance can be used to cover employees who drive their vehicles during work time. An automobile insurance may not cover accidents fully if the employee is at fault, but a fleet insurance covers everything including possible lawsuits. It covers every employee who is driving every vehicle owned by the company.

But the insurance company will need to check every employee and their record, so if all the employees have a clean record it makes things much easier. Also if the company imparts training to employees on safety rules and regulations the premium can also be negotiated.

There are fewer restrictions on fleet insurance than in other types of insurances. If anyone has been denied regular personal insurance for any reason they can still drive if they are covered by fleet insurance, and if their record is good it will be easier for them to get regular insurance later.

By Robert Oldman

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