Marketing – The Secrets and Science That Could Save Your Business

Marketing – The Secrets and Science That Could Save Your Business

Who exactly are the clients who would take your business to the next level? Wouldn’t it be nice if your perfect prospects had a big C hovering over their heads at an event so you’d know who to approach, or [Perfect Prospect] leading the subject lines of their emails?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

The good news is that psychology has developed scientific measurements that can predict who would be your best client-people you love to work with AND who will receive maximum benefit from your help. Called psychometrics, these studies are exact and the results are predictable.

So, who is your perfect prospect? Think of your current clientele and the individuals you enjoy working with. Certain names will immediately pop to the surface. Those are the personalities you resonate with and who also resonate with you. “Yes,” you might say, “those are the people who need what I do.” But this concept goes so much further than that. Your favorite clients have fears and desires, goals and needs. They are complete personalities, not cardboard figures. Getting a complete picture of who they are will give you tremendous insights into the prospects you are truly looking for.

For example, if your perfect prospect is a leader, she will need certain input from you-concise descriptions, fast action, tight organization, and prompt customer service. If your perfect prospect is a healer, she will gravitate toward a heartfelt approach with personalized care and flexibility. Take the cold corporate approach, and the healer will likely find someone who has warm connection instead.

What you are offering is a complete business-front end, back end, and delivery-not just training or coaching. Your perfect prospect is also a complete person-with emotions, goals, and the day-to-day frustrations we all live with. One dimensional marketing leaves 80% of your prospects’ motivational drive untapped.

By    Natalie  Tracey

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