Marketing Tips That Work. 7 Ways to Increase Your Sales!

Marketing Tips That Work. 7 Ways to Increase Your Sales!

So, you want to increase your business sales? Marketing the right way can cause this to become a reality. One of the biggest problems most small business owners have is not knowing how to market their business the right way. Here’s the thing guys and girls. You don’t have to be a genus to market effectively. Marketing comes down to standing out from the rest of the crowd. Do things that get noticed! That’s effective marketing. Here are 7 ways to increase your businesses sales:

Create media advertising that catches people’s attention.
You can go and waste a couple thousand dollars right now and buy a yellow page ad or a radio commercial if you want, or you can take a couple minutes (or hours…sorry, sometimes it takes some time) and create something that is going to work. Your media advertising needs to point out your market’s problems. Then, it needs to agitate those problems. Then, it needs to offer a solution to those problems (YOUR BUSINESS).

It’s really that simple. If you create something that doesn’t work, then tweak it a little bit and try again. Keep doing this until you have some compelling sales copy.

Use your database.
Most business owners I’ve worked with have a database (usually a large database) but never use it. This is a very valuable tool that needs to be taken advantage of. Send out a direct mail campaign to your lists addresses. Start a compelling email campaign for their email addresses. You can even have your sales people cold call the list. Either way, you are going to get a percentage of that database to buy your goods.

Work with other businesses.
I feel like I’m just a broken record sometimes, but these things need to be said over and over. Working with other businesses that are not competing with you is a gold mine in itself. A business can excel with joint ventures alone.

Help your community.
Buyers like nothing more then a generous business owner. You want to increase your sales? Market your business by giving free events at your location, or a local park. You could call up your favorite local charity and set up a deal that benefits both of you. This works like magic. People love generous people. They will love you so much, they will give you their money.

Get yourself on the internet.
I don’t think I need to go deep into this issue. I know all of you realize the potential in the internet. It might be confusing. It might be over your head. That still doesn’t make it impossible to implement in your business. Hire an outside source to do your internet marketing if you don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself. It’s worth it.

Become the authority in your industry.
Every business has to display to prospects why they should buy from you and not your competitors. I haven’t found an easier way to show this then becoming the largest authority in your industry. How you ask? Get published in the newspaper or magazines. Get hosted on a talk radio show. Write a book. Have a seminar for locals. All of these build your credibility and build your customer base as well.

This method alone brought me from making 6 figures a year to 6 figures a month. My business is no different then yours. You can implement the same technique to achieve huge success.

Perfect the small things in your system.
One of the quickest ways to improve your sales is to improve what you already have going. Check your sales funnel. Is there a step that would be confusing to your customers? Then fix it. Have a friend call your business. Does the receptionist answering the phone sound upset or like she hates her job? Then fix it. There are many areas of everyone’s business that can be improved slightly. Those slight improvements could mean an extra 20-30% in revenue.

All of these methods will improve your sales. Marketing is more then just placing ads in a newspaper. Be creative and stand out from the crowd. Improve each step in your business and you won’t fail. I don’t care what the economy is like.

By    Patrick  Gate

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