Marketing – Your Story

Marketing – Your Story

Once you have decided on your new business and what product or service you are going to promote and sell, it’s helpful to combine your ‘reason why’ with your passion and develop YOUR Story. This helps people understand where you are coming from and is the first step in establishing credibility. If the people who you want to buy from you understand your motives, they respect you and you make a connection. You start to attract like-minded people, people who think that they too can benefit from your service or product and they make a real world connection with you.

After all, people do business with people and as a business owner you can maximise on this fact and compete at this level rather than being a faceless un-personal large company. Never underestimate the power of personal relationships.

Think about it for a moment. In today’s economy the bucks will flow between the people with the strongest relationships, not based on price. So if your sales strategy is based on under cutting your competition, you’re on a sticky wicket. Spend time building strong relationships and people will buy from you regardless of price. That’s not to say you can over charge, but what you do is price for value. Price for the value that only YOU can give. You become a category of one – THE go to person.

People buy on the basis of Know, Like, Trust

Visibility gets your name out there so you are known, building your personal credibility builds your relationships so YOU become liked, and demonstrating your knowledge and capability by helping those people builds the trust. Using the ‘know, like, trust’ model and by turning it in to a virtual circle you create sustainable, unstoppable visibility. That’s how I achieved over $1million dollars worth of visibility in a single year. I became known as an expert, I grew my personal credibility (more on how I did that later) and was able to demonstrate my capability to become a trusted individual. That got me more visibility.

Visibility really does spawn more visibility and creates a powerful marketing engine which you just can’t stop. Creating the right business, identifying your strong reason why and developing YOUR story is the starting point of getting great visibility and starting that virtuous circle, unstoppable marketing engine.

By Steven Ward

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