Mortgage Refinancing – Saddled With Bad Credit? 8 Tips to Make Yourself Appealing to Lenders

Mortgage Refinancing – Saddled With Bad Credit? 8 Tips to Make Yourself Appealing to Lenders

Do you know why now is the perfect time to refinance your mortgage? Rates are at an all-time low, giving those who refinance a good chance to save thousands over what’s left of their respective mortgage terms. But here’s the catch – it is now much tougher to qualify for a refinancing.

1. Keep payments current.

Mortgage Refinancing - Saddled With Bad Credit? 8 Tips to Make Yourself Appealing to Lenders

Don’t compound your credit problems by owing more money to more people. Work

your way towards an improved credit history by staying on top of your payments, especially your house payments.

2. Address past credit woes.
Take a look at your credit history and pinpoint where your problems are coming from. Address whatever mistakes you may have made before. Most importantly, change your spending or borrowing behavior that led to the problem.

3. Understand when your credit will start looking better.
Believe it or not, there comes a time when bad credit no longer deters lenders. Do you know that in Canada, the U.S, and most other countries, incidents of late payment have the most weight only during the first two years? So the more time has passed since your last late payment, the less of a risk you are to mortgage Markham lenders and the better your chances of refinancing Toronto properties.

4. Pay down credit balances.
The last thing you want to happen is be at your credit limits while you’re applying for a loan. So, make it a point to pay down whatever credit balance you may still have.

5. Control credit sources.
Do you know what makes lenders nervous aside from a spotty credit history? It’s seeing you add several new credit sources. They will take even credit card application as a warning sign! So, keep your credit sources down and stick to the sources of credit that you already have and need.

6. Estimate your home’s value.
Yes, estimate your home’s value and estimate it well. Keep this estimate up to date by looking into your neighbor’s recent sales values. Eventually, you will need to undergo a formal assessment but this will give you a good idea of your target, for starters.

7. Make accelerated mortgage payments if you can.
This will let you pay down your principal faster — and give you better chances of refinancing at a lower rate. Before you accelerate your payments, though, review your amortization schedule first. The schedule shows how quickly or slowly you’re paying your mortgage’s principal, as well as when this principal can go below your home’s updated value.

8. Add some “sweat equity” to your home.
Do you know your way around your toolkit? Then, make upgrades or repairs that will increase your home’s value! In a market that is markedly “soft job” at the present, this is your best chance of turning your extra effort into extra cash!

Finally, take the time to shop around for lenders. Compare rates and lending standards. Qualifying for mortgage refinancing will take some work but with these tips to guide you, it’s work that will pay off in the long run!

By  Alyssa  Benson

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