Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

Leadership is an important aspect of an organization. Without leadership, the followers are like sheep without a shepherd. They are like sentences without sense. Paragraphs without a unifying thought. The leader is very crucial in achieving the vision and the mission of an organization.

How do you choose a leader? For some, leadership can be hereditary. Have you ever seen kings and queens?

Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

Their children usually inherit the kingdom and they just take over the kingdom when the present ruler dies or becomes unfit to rule. In democracies, leaders are elected by popular vote. Still, in some instances, leaders are chosen by a council or a board depending on the qualifications and characteristics of leaders.

Through the course of an organization’s life, leaders come and go. Their effectiveness and efficiency are assessed. The stakeholders want to know if they are still doing their jobs the right way. The multifactor leadership questionnaire is a leadership evaluation tool that seeks to look into the effectiveness of a leader. The questionnaire uses self-assessment by identifying several key variables that are thought to be important in the life of a leader. The questionnaire seeks understanding whether you, as a leader, are dominantly a transactional type or a transformational type.

This kind of insight is important so that you can understand which of these leadership styles you tend to exhibit more often. If you realize that, you will then be able to adjust your leadership type, depending on the situation called for. There is no one-size-fits-all leadership paradigm, after all.

Another important variable measured by the multifactor leadership questionnaire is your level of passive-ness or active-ness. Do you delegate effectively? How do you deal with people and subordinates? Do you simply assign tasks and expect them to complete it by the deadline without much input from you? Or do you prefer to be more actively involved in accomplishing organizational tasks?

Again, there is no universal solution to that. If you trust your subordinates well enough, you can do away with excessive control. If, you have new hires and younger folks in the organization who do not yet know the ins and outs of the organizational processes and procedures, you might have to take a more active role in shaping them and helping them accomplish the goals.

The multifactor leadership questionnaire can help you understand your style as a leader. It will not tell, however, how to run your organization. So, use the insights you gain from this questionnaire to improve your leadership style and the life of your organization.

By  Brandon   Babcock

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