Organizational Leadership Styles – New Organizational Tips

Organizational Leadership Styles – New Organizational Tips

When we talk about leadership styles, it is all about the manner and approach of motivating people, giving direction and implementing plans. There are three organizational leadership styles; authoritarian or autocratic, participative or also known as democratic and delegative style or the so called free reign.

Authoritarian or autocratic is a type of leadership style where a leader gives orders to his employees without asking for the advice of his followers. This leadership style is not a vehicle for yelling or bossing people around, rather, it is used in appropriate conditions when a leader is either has all the information to solve a particular problem, he is running out of time or his employees are well motivated. The authoritarian style of leadership must be used only in rare occasions.

Participative or democratic organizational leadership style involves a leader including one or more employees in the process of making decisions, although the leader maintains the final decision making authority. Contrary to what other people may think, it is not a sign of weakness but of strength that your employees will respect. By using this leadership style, it provides mutual benefit; it allows them to become part of the team and at the same time, allows a leader to come up with better decisions.

A leader with a delegative or free reign leadership style allows his employees to make decisions. However, the leader is still accountable for the decisions that are made and used only when employees are able to analyze a particular situation and know what needs to be done and how to do it. As a leader you can’t do everything and this is the reason why you have to set priorities and delegate certain tasks. This is a style to use when you truly trust and have confidence in the people under your leadership. Use it wisely.

The next thing you have to do after knowing these three types of organizational leadership styles is to make a research about what forces are involved between the people, the leader and the situation. All these three leadership styles are very useful when used wisely.

By John Barney

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