Outsourced Sales Management – How Does it Work?

Outsourced Sales Management – How Does it Work?

People tend to start businesses based on their expertise. For instance, a trained plumber starts a plumbing business, a trained chef goes on to open a restaurant, someone who worked in recruitment for a large firm starts their own agency etc. There’s a pretty good chance that this is how your business started. I am good at X and therefore my business will deliver X to my customers.


This is great for your customers as they can rely on your expertise to deliver a good service. You could be the best at what you do and have the best prices. So what’s the problem? Very often, people do not have enough time, money or expertise to go out and sell their business. If you were the best at what you do but your customers don’t get to know about you, you don’t get the business. If you were up against a competitor with a strong sales team and sales processes, you will lose out on many occasions despite being the better option.

Businesses tend to get to a stage where they need to recruit someone who is responsible for attaining new business and managing customer relationships to keep the business coming in whilst those who set the business up stick to their strengths of delivering a good service. For small businesses trying to launch their own sales department can be very difficult , time consuming and above all – risky. If sales don’t start to come in and you have to dismiss staff a lot of time and money has been wasted and this could break the business.

By outsourcing your sales management you gain a ready made sales department, with all the equipment and expertise you could possibly want in order to bring the business in. You gain assistance with strategy and basically get a sales manager as well as a sales person from day one. Targets are put in place from month one and a measured return on investment established before any activity is undertaken. You can also turn the service off and on as required or even off altogether if targets are not being met. Costs are controlled and yet no more expensive than in house.

You probably outsourced your accountancy to an expert as well as several other professional services. Let the experts bring the business to you by outsourcing your sales process while you concentrate on delivering a brilliant service to your customers and growing your businesses operations.

By  John Hester

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