Perfecting your Presentations

Perfecting your Presentations

For people who have a fear of public speaking, having to give a presentation on the job can be an unwelcomed opportunity. Although most people may not realize it, very few people enjoy public speaking or giving presentations to their peers.

This is because fear in these types of situations is common to most of us. If you will do the research, you will find that the fear of speaking ranks high on the list with the fear of flying. Therefore, with this information in mind, the person that has to give the presentation can remain at ease, at least while they prepare for the presentation.
Another fundamental key to a great or excellent presentation is preparation. Although the person may be a little nervous, the preparations made before the meeting will help to give confidence when delivering the presentation. This can be accomplished by following a few basic steps that are required before any presentation. These steps include knowing the audience, planning what will be said, creating attractive slides, practicing the presentation, and creating an interactive environment.

After you have accepted the task of giving the presentation, the first questions that should be asked is, who will be attending the meeting? Where will the presentation be held? These are at least two of relevant questions that must be asked in order to properly prepare for it. The presenter will have to know who the participants are so that they will know how to approach the topic.

If the people that are attending the meeting do not know anything about the topic, it is important to start from the ground floor. However, if these are peers and other employees on the same level, the presenter can provide a quick brief summary and then move on. Also, when planning what should be said, the person does not want to spend their time writing the speech verbatim or word for word.

The presenter can provide the audience with the information by telling a story. This story can include the history behind a certain process. The story will also move the audience along by giving steps, from the past to the present. This technique will keep the audience engaged in the presentation from the beginning to the end.

Good presenters will also give the audience opportunities to participate. The presenter can encourage participation by having them to respond to questions periodically throughout the presentation. This technique can also keeps the audience alert and on their feet.

By David Gallagher

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