Products to Grow Your Average Sale When You Start a Dollar Store

Products to Grow Your Average Sale When You Start a Dollar Store

When you start a dollar store one of the primary areas of focus is associated with continually growing sales. There are many contributing factors involved in achieving this important goal. You can increase the number of buyers, you can turn non-buyers into buyers, and you can increase the average amount spent during visits by those who make purchases. If you are focusing efforts on growing the average sale, your choice of merchandise is critical.

Having the perfect mix can significantly increase the size of the average sale in your store. In this article I present products to grow the average sale. While there are many others products to add, these products provide a great place to start building your sale levels.

Snacks. Be sure to include candy bars, nuts, chips, cookies, popcorn and other snack foods as a part of your dollar store merchandise. Snack items such as candy bars and chewing gum make great impulse items, and should be located near cash registers to help build total dollar store sale levels. Be sure you also carry a good assortment of snack items in their own snack department.

Groceries. Everyone needs to eat. In today’s economic times everyone is looking for opportunities to purchase daily necessities at bargain prices. Start with daily necessities such as bread and milk. Expand into breakfast cereals, seasonings, and condiments. Continue to grow into prepackaged and canned goods. Be sure to check about any special licensing requirements associated with groceries before you start.

Health and Beauty Necessities. Cotton Swabs, hand soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and more fall into this category. You will find health and beauty is a major department in your store. Continually be on the lookout for name brand buying opportunities. Don’t allow core products to ever run out. This is one category of dollar store merchandise that can significantly boost your dollar store sale levels, and especially your average sale size.

Household cleaners. Items in this category include dish soap, automatic dish detergent, general household cleaners and laundry products. Many shoppers will stop by to pick up one or two household cleaning products and then proceed to add many other items as they walk back to the cash register. Place this department toward the rear of your store and always keep it well stocked to bring shoppers back time and again.

Greeting cards. A good selection of greeting cards is essential. Carry greeting cards for all occasions. Carry both the more serious and humorous formats to achieve the highest sales. Finally, be sure to bring in and prominently display greeting cards for all special occasions.

Incidentals include dollar store merchandise such as reading glasses, sun glasses, lighters, headache relievers and more. Keep these items in stock and front and center close to your cash registers. These items will draw traffic into your store. They are also the type of items shoppers will see and add to their final purchase total.

By  John Hester

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