Promotional Pens Are A Favorite

Promotional Pens Are A Favorite

If you’re looking for a way to get your businesses name out there for people to recognize, promotional pens may be just what you need. They have remained a favorite in the the promotional item world for over a century. They are a simple way to advertise and they are effective.

The main reason promotional pens are so popular, stems from the fact that they are so useful. Everyone uses a pen and they use them almost daily.

Think about all the places you see pens being used. They are needed at banks, restaurants, schools, offices, grocery stores, you name it. This means that a pen will stick around for awhile. A pen is rarely thrown away, unless it just quit working. If one person doesn’t keep it, it’s inevitable that it will be passed on to someone else. Each person that uses or sees the custom pen, will also see your company name.

Promotional pens come in just about any form you can imagine. If you can think it, there’s probably a pen like it. You can certainly find a pen that’s appropriate for your needs. You’ve got choices as far as executive pens that are usually given away as gifts or thank you tokens. You can chose a cheaper, more conventional pen to giveaway at trade shows, or all your customers.

Custom pens also come in a wide range of prices. They go from very cheap to very expensive. You can certainly find a custom pen, that fits into your budget. You can look for companies who offer specials, like free shipping, low or no set up charges and free art proofs. Many companies offer price matching as well. These things can certainly help in your pricing. Remember that ordering in bulk, will lower your cost as well.

If you chose a good pen, it will reach many people. It will likely reach more than just the person using the pen. When people see something they like, they ask about it. They may even want to get some for their business or event. This makes it important to order a pen that looks nice and stands out. It’s a good idea to start shopping in advance, so that you can request samples. You want to make sure the pens write well, are comfortable to hold and that they look nice.

By  John Hester

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