Real Estate Investing Websites – Avoid These Deadly Keyword Mistakes

Real Estate Investing Websites – Avoid These Deadly Keyword Mistakes

If you have done any work with the Internet or real estate investing websites then I am sure you have heard of the term keyword. Keywords are the words on your web page that are relevant to the type of traffic that you would like to visit your site from the search engines. When search engines send their spiders to gather information about your page they will be searching for your keywords. Your keywords will help the search engines direct your placement within the search engine itself.

I am going to come at this from the perspective that you are new to building your real estate investing website. I am going to review just a few of the errors that I have seen so many other rookie web designers make when creating real estate investing websites.

Mistake #1 Using keywords that are too generic- If your web designer uses keywords that cover to broad of a spectrum then you will never get placement near the front page of the search engines. Getting your site listed on the front page of the major search engines should be a priority in order to quickly start collecting prospects from your site. For example some specific keywords for getting leads for Austin, TX motivated sellers would be: sell our Austin home, Austin home buyers, Austin Realtors, selling homes in Austin, avoiding foreclosure in Austin. Now some examples of bad keywords would be: Sell our home, avoid foreclosure, sell real estate. The reason that the second example is so useless is because there are so many sites across the nation competing for the same keywords. Because of the heavy competition your site has almost no chance of capturing front page placement.

Mistake #2 Not putting your keywords in the correct places- For optimal search engine placement, keywords should be placed in the headings, near the beginning of your web copy, and also near the end of your web copy.

Mistake #3 Not checking out your competitors- If you want to win the war for the front page of search engines, then visit the sites that currently show up on the search engines. Once your at the site you can go to the top of the page and go to the view section of the tool bar. Under the view section hit the view source or view page source button. That is going to give you the code behind the website that you are viewing. Look for the keywords that your competitors are using near the top of the page.

If you can avoid these mistakes when building your real estate investing website then you will be well on your way to success.

By Michael Williams

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