Real Meaning of Personality Development and Tips For Its Development

Real Meaning of Personality Development and Tips For Its Development

Well every human being might have different perception, attitude and meaning for this broad terminology “PERSONALITY”, as we, human beings, are said to be social animals and the only animal having a powerful tool called the MIND which other animals do not possess in this entire planet. Other animals also have a BRAIN but its potential is limited.

But our brain and its capacity are simply unlimited. Because of this tool, we are ruling the entire universe. I have mentioned all of this because, with external and internal beauties, this organ of human also plays significant role in developing, enriching and boosting our personality as a whole.

Now, what actually Personality means?

According to ENCARTA DICTIONARY,Personality means

1. somebody’s set of characteristics: the totality of somebody’s attitudes, interests, behavioral patterns, emotional responses, social roles, and other individual traits that endure over long periods of time

2. characteristics making somebody appealing: the distinctive or very noticeable characteristics that make somebody socially appealing

• a partner with real personality

3. somebody regarded as epitomizing traits: somebody regarded as epitomizing particular character traits

4. famous person: a famous person, especially an entertainer or athlete

5. unusual person: a distinctive and unusual person

6. quality of being person: the quality of existing as a person

• Do you think that computers will ever achieve personality?

7. distinguishing characteristics: the distinguishing characteristics of a place or situation -Microsoft® Encarta® 2007. © 1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Are these definitions and descriptions really defining personality as a whole? We can say ‘Yes’ to some extend because whenever we talk about personality most of us go for “LOOKS”. But here comes the diversion of definition. Is personality at a glance means to say “LOOKS”? For me, its partial. The foremost thing or the main thing for which we can determine or perceive another stranger is via his external or physical outfit, as no one can know how he is? His behavior, character at a glance so personality at a glance goes for “LOOKS”. But, most of the people only think that if a person has good looks, then he/she has got personality and I totally disagree this statement. He/she only possess looks, external personality but not personality as a whole. So to analyze or determine somebody’s total personality we have to understand him/her which needs time. Someone might not be good looking but he/she can have his/her behavior, character outstanding and vice-versa.

Personality traits are not inborn or genetically inherent. We have to develop or enhance these traits after landing on earth. We are the only one who can develop our whole personality. There are others like our parents who are always there to help us but the actual hero is with us. If we are interested to develop our personality we need to learn many things and might be more and more and more things. Apart from academic education we must have to learn many extra curricular things like:

1) Public Speaking Skills.

2) Body language Skills.

3) Handwriting analysis Skills.

4) Behavioral Skills.

5) Anger Management Skills.

6) Fitness Skills.

7) Yoga and Exercise.

8) Food habit.

9) Communication Skills.

10) Friends making Skills.

11) Relationship Skills.

12) Superlearning Skills.

13) Dealing with problems.

14) Self or Auto-Suggestions skills and much more which can’t be listed here.

A person can only be real person when he/she can be cent percent successful in fulfilling his/her whole responsibility and the above mentioned point are the key points and landmarks to make one RESPONSIBLE, RATIONAL, BOLD, BRAVE and SMART

By John Hester

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