Sales – How to Be an Absolute Animal With Your Closing Ratio Without Hard-Selling a Single Customer

Sales – How to Be an Absolute Animal With Your Closing Ratio Without Hard-Selling a Single Customer

If you are selling anything and you want to go absolutely insane on your closing ratio, bringing it way above what you are used to, without having to cold call or hard-sell any customers keep reading. Inside you will learn how ethical sales will bring you to the next level in your profession.

Using ethical sales techniques is all about building relationships with your customers. The length of time for the relationship can last from 1 hour to many years, depending on the product. The longer you can sustain a relationship with a customer, the fewer customers you have to go out and find over again. By using this method, you will eventually have to do very little prospecting, because your referrals and long-term relationships will bring in the bulk of your sales.

The term ethical sales is not meant to imply that other sales techniques are not legal and that all other ways of selling are bad. Ethical sales is just better. Selling ethically just means that you did not con or trick the prospect into buying something with false hope or baiting them into believing a dream. Ethical sales is all about the long term. It’s about building a “family” of customers so that you can just call them and suggest new products.

This relationship building is hard. You will not be able to build these relationships with all of your customers, only the best ones. Using the 80/20 rule, you will want to create these lasting relationships with the 20% of your customers that bring you 80% of your business. The other customers will not get the royal treatment. You only have so much time in your day, so you should treat those customers well that treat you well.

Now, to be able to use this technique to increase your closing ratio, all you have to do is work very hard to provide what the customer wants to solve their pressing problems. Find out what keeps your best customers awake at night. Call them and find out what areas of their business you can improve.

Take surveys and find out how you can improve your atmosphere for them. Whatever business you are in, if you focus on this group of 20% of your best customers, you will create incredibly powerful relationships, where you are no longer selling at all. When you want to make some more cash, all you have to do is call these special customers and recommend products to them. There is no more hard-selling with this method.

By  Julian  Bush

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