Sales Meeting and Improving Communications

Sales Meeting and Improving Communications

Modern business is complex. It calls for specialization, with each worker being a small cog in the machinery. This makes it more difficult for a sales person to see the overall picture. The need for communications in sales meeting, then, has become greater.

Avoiding Misunderstandings Through Sales Meetings

Sales Meeting and Improving Communications

Sales meetings can be a great way to keep channels of communication open.

Unexplained intentions are usually considered negative. “Unless there’s something wrong with the deal, why don’t they let us in on it?”

In one instance several salespeople left their jobs with a furniture manufacturer. Eventually the cause was explained: “We thought we’d be let out,” stated one of the men. “Everybody knew sales were off and that a new owner was taking over.” Unfortunately, the salespeople were victims of rumor.

Sales were off but little. Profits were as high as ever, and the new owner intended to keep the sales personnel intact. By keeping communications open during regular sales meetings the whole problem could have been avoided.

There’s a “grapevine” in every company. Telephone conversations are overheard; letters are read by typists and file clerks. Information leaks out sooner or later. Let workers get the story straight. Let them get it from you. What you tell them in sales meeting will be much more accurate than what they hear from each other.

Although you should communicate with all employees, it’s especially important to communicate with salespeople. Your sales staff is in constant contact with the public. When you communicate with salespeople, you communicate with many people.

For instance, your salespeople are in constant contact with customers. When you communicate with salespeople, you are indirectly communicating with customers.

Introducing New Policies Through Sales Meetings

Any major change, such as the introduction of a new policy, can be discussed at a sales meeting. By calling your people together, you attach importance to the event; moreover, you can show exactly how the new matter is to be handled.

Good personnel practices suggest that changes be explained in advance. This makes a change more acceptable. Sometimes it is advisable to go a step further and sell your staff on the change. Sales meetings are good for both you and your staff. You can explain proposed policy so those affected will know they’ve been considered. And you can sell the change, causing all concerned to accept it.

By  John Hester

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