Sales Page Example

Sales Page Example

If you are attempting to get your online business off the ground you will need to use landing pages. It doesn’t matter how uniquely you position your business you will still use some form of a landing page. Landing pages, most generally, are used as a tool to get the reader or viewer in the case of a video landing page to do something.

An opt-in landing page or squeeze page is used to add people to your list. How it’s done: A potential customer clicks on a link that’s strategically placed in an article or on a banner ad or somewhere else on the web that leads to your opt-in page. This page looks like this:

The page tells the reader what he or she gets if they subscribe to your newsletter. Usually the promise of receiving a free newsletter is not enough of an incentive which leads many to offer reports and ebooks or other perks to get readers to subscribe.

A good opt-in page starts with a headline that is similar if not the exact wording of the link that enticed them to click here in the first place. A good headline is 10 words or less that grabs the reader’s attention by telling them what it is they get from clicking on that link.

There is so much information available on the Internet and readers are bombarded every second with some kind of come on or another it’s hard to get their attention but if you have a headline that says something that they were just thinking, you will get your click. I’m not saying you will get everyone’s attention, that’s not what you want. Target in on a few people and build and grow. ” If you appeal to everyone you appeal to no one”. It’s not mine but it applies here.

After the headline you can add a sub-head that reinforces or adds to the heading. Remember that the goal here is to get the reader to add their name to your list so lead them toward that end.

I think testimonials are great and should come right after the subhead if you can do it. Many times the reader will not scroll down the page. If you can get him interested by the benefits a testimonial describes he is more likely to continue reading your page.

After the testimonials describe what exactly the benefits of taking the action you would like him to take are. Not the benefits that you realize, the benefits he will see once he takes action. Be specific and think in terms of the reader’s interests. “Cutting edge information” is not as informative as “3 things to do to attract 1000 more readers every month”

After you’ve described in detail what the benefits of taking action are to the reader you can offer bonuses such as a Free Ebook, Free Special Reports, Free Workbooks or Free Videos. You are giving your reader every reason to enter his email address and hit submit.

Reduce the risk. When using an opt-in page you must understand that even though the risk is very low to the reader there still is some. We all must clean our in-boxes regularly and agreeing to accept another email message every couple of days will add to the work. Reminding the reader that if they aren’t 100% satisfied with your newsletter they can just as easily unsubscribe and keep all the goodies you gave them helps to reduce almost all the risk.

Form: The forms I use are provided by my email marketing company and only contain 2 fields; Name and Email Address. There are some forms that only ask for an email address but I like to personalize all the emails I send out with the customer’s first name that’s why I have two fields. The argument behind fewer fields is that you shouldn’t ask the reader to do too much or he will click away. You want to make it as easy as possible for him to take action.

The use of audio or video can help to enhance your page but remember what it is you want to accomplish. If you have a two-minute video that doesn’t immediately grab the viewer’s attention he may click away before he subscribes to your list.

By  Hailey  James

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