Sales People – Keep Your Eyes on the Prize and Your Voice Will Win the Sale

Sales People – Keep Your Eyes on the Prize and Your Voice Will Win the Sale

If you are in sales in any industry, this article is for you. No matter what you try to portray on the outside, whatever you believe in your mind will end up being the outcome. Having the right mind-set during a sale is critical. Read on to find out how you can close the sale with your thoughts.

A sale is not just a game of pretending to be confident that the sale will be made. You actually have to believe you will make the sale. You have to feel that you will make the sale, deep inside your bones. Your customers will see right through everything that you are saying if you don’t personally believe in your product or the fact that the sale will be made. How do you feel about your product? Is is a big piece of junk or are you in love with it? Do you use it personally? If you don’t really like the product that you are selling, how do you expect others to get excited about it?

If you do like the product, you must train your mind to keep your eyes on the prize. The prize being the close of the sale. Before you walk into a selling situation picture the handshake happening at the end. Picture the contract coming out and the checkbook opening up. Picture everything going as smooth as possible. Don’t leave any stone untouched in your mind. You need to get yourself in a mental state where you truly believe that the only outcome that will happen will be the close of the sale and a fat commission for you. This is how sales are made.

If you walk into a sales meeting with your head hung low and your mind full of self-doubt, your presentation will be a big flop. The entire time you speak, your audience will only hear “don’t bother buying this because I don’t believe in it or myself.” Once you can change your thought pattern and develop a way that you can psyche yourself up into KNOWING that the sale will close, is the time when the magic happens.

I will go so far as to say that you should cancel any sales meeting where you are not going into it 100% positive that the sale will close and 100% positive about your product. Of course you will not close every time, but your body language will show that you are a closer and you will get more sales.

By  Julian  Bush

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