Selling Your Services – 5 Steps to More Clients

Selling Your Services – 5 Steps to More Clients

No matter how much you hate the idea of selling if you don’t sell your services you won’t have a business. Given that fact you might as well figure out how to do it right. You might as well figure out how to get clients without ruining your chances with ideal clients.

There are 5 mandatory steps you must take to get clients. You must take these steps in this particular order so you don’t spin your wheels on wasted efforts.

Identify a specific group of suspects you have reason to believe could become a client for you. This group of suspects is not the world at large. Rather this group represents a well defined subset of a larger general group who meet a set of very specific criteria.

Qualify your suspects until you identify real prospects. Real prospects represent a subset of people who meet your specific criteria. Plus prospects have the power and authority to take action.

Open a connection with real prospects. Whether you use the internet, the phone, mail, networking, referrals, or something else you must first get your message in front of the right people. Then you must give those people a motivating reason to act.

Hold meaningful conversations. You must hold meaningful conversations to understand what your prospects want. You must hold meaningful conversations to explore how you might help your prospects.

Come to an agreement. You must come to an agreement about the best option for your potential client whether that best option involves you or not.

These 5 steps help you accomplish several things that are almost impossible to do otherwise. These steps help you open doors. They help you make connections. Plus these steps make it possible to initiate and nurture relationships that transform strangers into clients.

When you handle these steps the right way you make these connections without triggering your prospects defenses. When you trigger a prospect’s defenses you make that person skeptical. This skepticism makes it hard to open up to you. It makes it hard to trust you. It makes it hard to honestly review your recommendations and assess their value.

By  Devin  Mason

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